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Schuba's, Chicago, IL

October 22, 2004


Coming out alone, Teitur took a seat, strapped on his acoustic guitar and opened with a great, new song entitled, 'Feel Like a Thief.' Having the pleasure of seeing Teitur a number of times before, it was the situation I expected.  But, what I didn't expect is how much Teitur can rock with a little help from his friends. The rest of the evening, Teitur's band solidly enhanced each and every song, allowing Teitur to sing at full voice. Working overtime, Teitur's guitarist switched between the upright bass, harmonium, acoustic and electric guitar. Even his drummer displayed his musical flexibility by playing harmonium on one song, and guitar on another. Teitur joked that he pays his drummer a bit more when he helps out on guitar.




Throughout the evening, Teitur engaged the crowd with his quiet self-confidence tinged with self-deprecating humor. As an example, he introduced a new song saying, "It sounds just like the rest of them." That was just fine with the appreciative, attentive crowd.


The set was a nice mix of songs from his debut CD, 'Poetry & Aeroplanes' and new material. The short list included, 'Amanda's Dream,' "Waiting For Mars to Come Out,' 'Sleeping With the Lights On,' 'To Meet You' and 'I Run the Carousel.' One new song, 'I Hang My Worries Out to Dry' was only days old. The story goes that it was inspired by Teitur's new ride - Willie Nelson's former tour bus. Teitur painted a word picture of when he was sitting in the back of the bus starring at the hanging laundry and imaging the number of songs that may have been created in that very spot. The song is beautiful and I can't wait to hear it again.


Teitur and his band


Early in the evening, Teitur promised to play a song that, he claimed, was inspired the last time he played Schubas entitled, 'Catherine the Waitress.' He made us wait until the encore, but it was worth it.  It's a fun, little song that reminded me of a note you'd pass to your crush in homeroom, if you were as gutsy and honest as Teitur. During the encore, the band also played an amazing cover of Jerry Lee Lewis' classic, 'Great Balls of Fire' in minor key. Not sure how this experiment came to be, but I have a feeling that it'll get requested at every show - with good reason.


The evening ended with 'My One and Only' (Teitur's unabashed love letter to some lucky gal) and the beautiful tune, 'I Was Just Thinking,' which has been a crowd favorite since Teitur hit the concert circuit. Teitur and his band provided a wonderful, relaxing evening of creatively arranged, intelligent music that I'd enthusiastically experience over and over again.


To find out more information about Teitur, visit his website at www.teitur.com.