Finn Brothers
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Finn Brothers

The Vic, Chicago, IL

July 22, 2004


If you are looking for a singing/songwriting partner, why not start with your family members? That's what the Finn Brothers did, with great success on a Thursday night in Chicago at The Vic Theatre. The stage setting was beautiful, using jewel-toned lights to illuminate the backdrop and set off three glittering chandeliers.  The set design was just enough to add a bit of flare and elegance to the place without being distracting.


The Finn Brothers


Never having seen either of the Finns in a live performance before, I really enjoyed watching the interaction between the brothers.  Tim and Neil have very different stage presence.  Tim is quite excitable, seemingly swept away by the music.  Tim reminded me of a modern-day Jerry Lee Lewis (without the under age wife, I think) - lots of marching, lots of arm flailing, and even a tiny bit of "jazz hands."  Neil was more of a straight-ahead rocker enjoying the exchange between his brother and the three other band mates, with his amazing smile never leaving his face all night.


Tim and Neil Finn


Even though the Vic holds up to 1,400 people, the brothers made it feel as if it were an intimate, Storytellers-type venue.  They dedicated a few songs to special folks in their lives (both Mom and Dad Finn got a nod).  For many of their songs (both old and new), both Neil and Tim shared a bit of the backstory and/or inspiration as way of introduction.  Since their new CD is not dropping until late August, the intros were much appreciated. I especially liked the story they told about a new song called, 'Disembodied Voices.'  The song's inspiration came from Tim and Neil's nostalgic memories of talking to each other in the darkened bedroom they shared in New Zealand. Apparently, Tim was quite a creative storyteller at a very young age.


The set list included songs from Crowed House, Split Enz, Neil's solo work and new material co-written by the brothers.  Taking turns on lead vocals, they easily floated back and forth from acoustic and electric guitar to keyboards.


The Finn Brothers ended the night by requesting the obliging audience be their chorus on 'Four Seasons in One Day.'  Both Neil and Tim seemed impressed and pleased by the results - it sounded wonderful from my balcony seat.  Another highlight of the evening, for me, was witnessing the pride that Tim has for his little brother Neil and all that Neil has accomplished in the music business.  I can't wait to hear the new songs again when their CD is finally in the stores, as well as another opportunity to see them live during their next swing through the Midwest.


Neil and Tim Finn


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