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Top Artist Of The Year

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1. Eliot Morris




2.  Garrison Starr



3.  Neilson Hubbard



4.  Glen Phillips



5.  Josh Radin



6.  Griffin House



7.  Jason Kanakis



1. Nickel Creek




2.  Chris Walla



3.  David Berkeley



4.  Eliot Morris



5.  Aqualung



6.  Garrison Starr



7.  John Vanderslice


New Finds
  1. Garrison Starr



2.  John Vanderslice



3.  David Ford



4.  Matt Costa



5.  The Weepies



6.  Strays Don't Sleep



7.  Gary Jules

  1. John Vanderslice



2.  The Weepies



3.  Garrison Starr



4.  The Alternate Routes



5.  Strays Don't Sleep



6.  Matt Costa



7.  Teddy Thompson


Favorite Albums

1. What's Mine is Yours -
Eliot Morris



2.  The Sound of You and Me – Garrison Starr



3.  Why Should the Fire Die? – Nickel Creek



4.  Plans – Death Cab for Cutie



5.  Unlucky 7 – Glen Phillips



6.  The Weight is a Gift – Nada Surf



7.  The Animal Years – Josh Ritter
  1. What's Mine is Yours -
Eliot Morris



2.  Mr. Lemons – Glen Phillips



3.  Live from Fez – David Berkeley



4.  Pixel Revolt – John Vanderslice



5.  Why Should the Fire Die? – Nickel Creek



6.  Say I Am You – The Weepies



7.  At The Point – Matt Nathanson

Favorite Songs
  1.  Beautiful In Los Angeles –
Garrison Starr



2.  Helena – Nickel Creek



3.  Thank You – Glen Phillips



4.  This Colorful World – Eliot Morris



5.  Brothers on a Hotel Bed – Death Cab for Cutie



6.  I Don't Care What You Call Me – David Ford



7.  Winter – Josh Radin
  1.  I Will Follow You into the Dark – Death Cab for Cutie



2.  The Guy Who Says Goodbye... – Griffin House



3.  Beautiful In Los Angeles –
Garrison Starr



4.  Will She Ever Fall in Love Again? – Eliot Morris



5.  Blankest Year – Nada Surf



6.  Goodnight and Go – Imogen Heap



7.  An American Draft Dodger in Thunder Bay – Sam Roberts Band

Favorite Lyrics
  1.  Will I ever get a chance to be true, alone in a room with you? –
Garrison Starr on ‘Beautiful In Los Angeles'



2.  When in just a minute, days become a year, will she ever fall in love again? – Eliot Morris on ‘Will She Ever Fall in Love Again?’



3.  I hope you find someone your height, so you can see eye to eye, with someone as small as you. – Nickel Creek on 'Somebody More Like You'



4.  I built you a home in my heart with rotten wood and it decayed from the start. – Death Cab for Cutie on 'Crooked Teeth'



5.  I close my eyes to see if I can feel you in the air. Want to breathe you in me, makes me dizzy, but there's nobody there. – Glen Phillips on 'Marigolds'



6.  I don't blame you blanking me that time, from all the awkward "How are you's" and "I'm just fine's"– David Ford on 'What Would You Have Me Do'



7.  I could have lost myself in the rough waters in your eyes – Josh Radin on 'Winter'
  1.  I have not failed to be what you'd expect of me, swallowing glass just to stay pure. – Matt Costa on 'Cold December'



2.  Information as disease, the march of progress is kicking me lifeless. –
Glen Phillips on ’The Next Day'



3.  Flowers to bloom your eyes, hummingbirds side by side. My heart won't stay entirely in this rib caging. – The Weepies on 'Take It From Me'



4.  How can such sweet kisses come from such a poison tongue? – John Ralston on 'Gone, Gone, Gone'



5.  The light let go my eyes. I measured all the unknown. And I can't remember why, it felt like I had found home. Eliot Morris on ‘This Colorful World’



6.  Believe me that you're standing on the edge of something good. And it's the hardest thing you ever had to do. – The Alternate Routes on 'Please Don't Let It Be'



7.  I don't argue like this with anyone but you. We do it all the time, blowing out my mind. –  Corinne Bailey Rae on 'Like A Star'

Favorite Harmonies
  1.  Thank You – Glen Phillips with Garrison Starr on Mr. Lemons



2.  Beautiful In Los Angeles– Garrison Starr with Glen Phillips on The Sound of You and Me



3.  Fault Line – Eliot Morris with Nickel Creek on What's Mine is Yours



4.  In the Sun – REM with Chris Martin



5.  Heaven Forbid – The Fray on How To Save a Life



6.  Star Mile – Josh Radin with Priscilla Ahn on We Were Here



7.  World Spins Madly On – The Weepies on Say I Am You
  1.  Fault Line – Eliot Morris with Nickel Creek on What's Mine is Yours



2.  The Man Who... – Josh Rouse with Paz Suay on Subtitulo



3.  Beautiful In Los Angeles– Garrison Starr with Glen Phillips on The Sound of You and Me



4.  For Blue Skies – Strays Don't Sleep on Self-Titled



5.  Take a Message to Mary – Teddy Thompson with Linda Thompson on Separate Ways


6.  Set the Fire to the Third Bar – Snow Patrol with Martha Wainwright on Eyes Open



7.  Long Way Round – Stereophonics on Dakota

Favorite Concerts
  1.  Garrison Starr & David Berkeley @ Schubas (Chicago, IL) 12/14/06



2.  Eliot Morris @ Illinois State Fair (Springfield, IL) 8/19/06



3.  Matt Nathanson @ Schubas (Chicago, IL) 4/11/06



4.  Glen Phillips @ Schubas (Chicago, IL) 5/21/06



5.  Cary Brothers @ Varsity Theater (Minneapolis, MN) 3/3/06



6.  Aqualung @ Double Door (Chicago, IL) 10/8/06



7.  Nada Surf @ Metro (Chicago, IL) 3/5/06

  1.  David Berkeley & Dick Prall @ house concert (Chicago, IL) 7/14/06
    2.  Glen Phillips @ Schubas (Chicago, IL) 5/21/06



3.  Toad the Wet Sprocket @ Starland Ballroom (Sayerville, NJ) 6/4/06



4.  Hotel Cafe Tour @ Park West (Chicago, IL) 10/17/06



5.  Josh Rouse & Strays Don't Sleep @ Park West (Chicago, IL) 4/12/06



6.  Matt Nathanson @ Music Mill (Indianapolis, IN) 10/13/06



7.  Eliot Morris @ Music Mill (Indianapolis, IN) 8/1/06